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         Tinsin company founded by Mr. Pan. Mr. Pan is a capable engineer who is good at designing circuits , and is great , at innovative thinking. Mr. Pan began to research car lamp after his brother had a terrible driving accident due to weakness lamplight. In the year 2004 , He founded a small factory to produce the HID ballast. Tinsin company located in famous Motor City just half hour drive to Baiyun Airport. Through over 10 years of hard work , he created great achievement and advancements in the HID industry. 

    In 2014 , Mr. Pan noticed that car led headlights had more advantages over the HID and halogen lamps. Mr Pan , wisely predicted by vision, that the future for car headlights, would in fact be with the new led technology and would capture the hearts of customers in the near and distant future. So Mr Pen , started to design the Tinsin company's , first generation of car led headlight. We are the first company that produced the car led headlight without a fan. Tinsin Headlight Bulbs come with heat sink options that will protect and extend the life of the led headlights. Besides, Chip quality has a direct impact on the life span of led headlight bulbs . So we choose good quality and famous chips like CREE XHP-50, CREE XHP-70 and PILIPS LEXEON MZ chips. Customers give us very good feedback for the ease of our car led headlight installation time and high luminous brightness. Besides, Their lighting beam pattern is excellent and it's focus and has a clear cut-off line.

    So why you need choose us? We have professional led technicians in our R&D team, working together in our R&D department . About every 6 months , we will research and developed , one generation of car led headlights. By cooperating with us , youll always be the first ones on our cutting edge of technology, who will sell the most amazing latest led headlight products. The Tinsin Company's mission statement is to have ITEGRITY . We will , never sell a led bulb product to you that has not passed our stringent quality control testing department . We have high Tech machinery producing most of the important parts of the led car bulb. The production chain speed is very fast. So our manufacturing and delivery times are very short. An advantage with our company is that because our production and delivery times are in fact so quick and reliable, you need not have to in your business carry a great deal of stock for your customers. We can be your reliable car led headlight manufacturer , and supply you car headlight bulb extremely quickly.

    With over 250,000 satisfied customers, we ensure the best QUALITY and SERVICE possible to our customers. We guarantee to give you the very best VALUE for your money and the very BEST quality !! LED auto headlight products you will find in the market place.

    Ruiqi Industril Zone Jiangbei Road, Tanbu Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou China.